Unless ordered differently, all Globus Cork tiles are shipped with beveled edges, pre-glued and with several coats of a high grade water-borne varnish. All tiles are custom made and all sales are final. For most patterns, the pricing by the square foot is as follows:

Color Standard Specialty Sizes
6x6 18x18 18x24 18x36
Specialty Sizes
Natural Cork
(Pre-finished, no color)
$ 5.60 /sf $ 5.80 /sf $ 5.90 /sf
No accent colors
$ 7.60 /sf $ 7.80 /sf $ 7.90 /sf
Accent Colors
Scarlet, Brick Red, Burnt Orange,Amethyst, Ocean Blue, Royal Blue
$ 8.35 /sf $ 8.50 /sf $ 8.55 /sf

05/2011 - Pricing in US$. This is pricing is for the Nugget and Traditional Textures. Striata is more expensive.

Certain patterns have a premium cut surcharge which is in addition to the tile color charge. Pattern #13 and #17 have a $3.00 per sq. foot charge. Dots and inserts for Patterns 7-12 are priced separately. All prices are quoted in US dollars. Payment must be made to confirm an order and can be made by check, credit card or through Financing is availale through PayPal Credit


Because of cork's unique resiliency, not all varnishes are appropriate to use on cork flooring. We recommend that an additional coat of finish be applied after the tiles have been installed. When applied properly, this additional coat will seal the seams, protecting the underlying adhesive from exposure to water. Globus Cork recommends a specific water-borne high grade commercial-quality European varnish which is made specifically for cork. It gives a tough but flexible satin finish which is perfect for our cork tiles. A top coat of finish is required for both the glue-down tiles as well as the floating floors.

The cost of the finish is $40.30 per litre. This is a commercial-grade finish. (Coverage: 1 litre yields approx. 100-110 sq.ft.) The finish can be applied by using a thin nap yellow or white foam roller (thin 3/8" nap).


Even though Globus Cork tiles are pre-glued, you'll need to put down a layer of adhesive on the reciprocal substrate surface. (See FAQs for details.)

Size Cost Coverage Area
Half Gallon $34.45 up to 125-150 sq.ft
Gallon $56.35 up to 250-300 sq. ft.

charges are F.O.B. New York City. Tiles are shipped via FedEx Ground unless instructed differently. Globus Cork will send a detailed written price quote, including freight charges, before you order.


If you decide to use a flooring contractor to install your cork floor, you'll need to check in your local area for pricing. Prices can typically range in the US from $4.00 to $8.50 per sq.ft. If the flooring installer has not worked with cork before but wants to do the job, the labor charges should be very similar to installing luxury vinyl tiles. Remind them that the tiles will be delivered to you pre-glued which saves a considerable amount of time in installation and they will only be applying one coat of finish.